Planning Tab

> Track Wills, Trusts and Crummey Letter dates.

> Enter Retirement Goals.

> Automatically inputs the Required Distribution Date from the Birth Date entry.

> Track important tax information and special tax forms for easy searches for clients when the tax
laws change.

> Track Survivor Goals.

> Track Other Goals for
the client

> Manually keep track of asset allocation holdings while automatically updating the clients networth.


The Financial Planning Process requires that you "know your client" and we make it easy to input information that will allows you to better serve the client's financial planning needs. Track Estate Planning information such as wills and trusts. Track annual Crummey Letters, Retirement Dates and Required Distribution Dates. Track Survivor and Financial Goal information and Tax information. With the 4Advisors Contains Lookup , easily search for all clients that file a unique Tax form so you can easily find out who qualifies for the new tax law changes.

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