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4Advisors addon for ACT!
If you have a question about 4Advisors or desire ACT! consulting services or customization, call us at 800.831.7636.


Helping Financial Advisors Stay In Touch

Since 1993, Allied Financial Software, Inc. (formerly Allied Financial Services) has been providing software solutions to the financial services industry. Our background as Certified Financial Planners®, Registered Investment Advisors, Registered Representatives and ACT! Certified Consultants has enabled us to better understand the financial professional's software needs. Our goal is to help our customers find the right kind of software for the way they do business.

We have established partnerships with some of the best financial services software companies to help us deliver the most appropriate products and services to you.

Developed by:

  • ACT! Certified Consultant
  • Certified Financial Planner®
  • Past Vice President of a large broker dealer
  • Series 7 and 24 licensed
  • Business Development Consultant for the Financial Services Industry
  • Financial Services experience since 1986

Customized ACT! Interface

4Advisors addon for ACT! is a customized ACT! database and design specifically for financial services professionals. With our 17 years of experience in financial services and ACT! by Sage's experience with contact management, we have designed 4Advisors with the needs of most financial professional's in mind.



What is ACT! by Sage?

ACT! is the most widely used contact management software program in the world. It is licensed by Sage Software, Inc. ACT! was the original contact management program originally developed in 1988. ACT! by Sage has over 4 million users world wide and over 11,000 corporate accounts.

As a contact management program, ACT! allows you to track clients, prospects, associates and any other contact that is important you and your business. ACT! incorporates shared calendaring, notes and histories, sales tracking and project management. These features are easily used making ACT! the number one contact management program in the world.

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What is 4Advisors addon for ACT!?

Created by Allied Financial Software, Inc. (Allied FS), 4Advisors addon for ACT! is a customized ACT! database, layouts, reports, queries and other files specifically for financial services professionals who use the ACT! software.

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Why should I consider a contact management system?

This is an excellent question. Contact management systems organize time and data. Most advisors are inundated with data they must be able retain and access quickly and easily. Without easy and fast access to client and prospect data, an advisor may lose critical information eventually costing the advisor a lost sale, a lost client or a lost career.

ACT! by Sage and 4Advisors addon for ACT! helps you manage relationships by managing data and processes. With ACT!, you can:

  • Remind yourself to call a special client on his birthday.
  • Send out a disclosure letter to a new prospect.
  • Enter a time stamped note about a concern the client has regarding a particular type of investment.
  • Keep a history of every meeting, call, letter and task you have completed for the contact.
  • Attach any electronic document to the contact for easy retrieval.
  • Delegate a task to your assistant to send a welcome package to a new client and find out if and when it was sent.
  • Keep in constant contact with your best clients and prospects.
  • To summarize, Contact Management Systems by definition will help you better systemize the management of contacts (relationships.) helping your business grow and flourish.

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I already use ACT! but why should I consider 4Advisors addon for ACT!?

When you purchase ACT!, the basic ACT! database comes with 70 predefined fields that allow you to keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. To add or modify data fields and the layouts, the software requires customization. This customization demands extensive knowledge and time… time that most advisors don’t have to spare. 4Advisors is an ACT! database but it includes over 280 data fields specific to the financial professional’s practice. Fields added include contact, spouse and children information such as dates of birth and social security numbers, fields for account numbers and account registrations, insurance policies, net worth, securities held, suitability information and much more.

Because 4Advisors is used by thousands of other financial services professionals, it has become a “standardized” ACT! database. This allows us (or anyone else) to create interfaces to third party software programs and platforms. Without a standardized database, interfaces can only be written individually for each user’s database. This keeps industry platforms from interfacing with your ACT!.

Currently, we have developed an interface to Laser App Software. We also have plans for other interfaces for popular financial planning and portfolio management systems.

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Can I import my existing data into 4Advisors addon for ACT!?

Most often, yes.

ACT! by Sage has an import wizard allowing the import of data from several sources. The existing data can be other ACT! databases, Comma or Tab delimited text files (ASCII), Microsoft Outlook, dBase III-V and Q&A 4 and 5. If you are using dbCAMS, you can purchase a separate conversion program from us developed by Custom Advisors Solutions. This dbCAMS Data Import Module brings in all related dbCAMS data including, contact, spouse, children, dates of birth, addresses, phones, social security numbers, notes, activities, groups and insurance policies. Importing from another ACT! database will bring in all of your old notes, histories, activities, groups and any other data you have that can be “mapped” to the 4Advisors fields. If you are using another database program, we may be able to import your data for an additional fee. Contact us at 800.831.7636 for more information or visit our web site at www.software4advisors.com.

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